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Welcome to Our Website!

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Deep Discussions about Craft Beers

This is the home of our new podcast "Bullshitting Over Beers". A place where you can come and listen to 5 friends and occasional guests taste and review craft beers, laugh at their witty banter, hear them share stories, engage in thought provoking yet sophomoric conversations, and have fun. We don't take ourselves too seriously so this could be seen as a beer review / comedy show hybrid.


The BSOB Podcast Crew

The cast of friends includes host Brian Holler and co-hosts Greg "Bubba" Brunner, LJ Gillespie, Joe Gartside, and Steve Bischoff.  Each episode the boys will take you on a journey filled with fun, laughter, and of course beer.  We are a group of friends who like beer and even more so, like to try new beers. Steve is the only member of the crew to have any professional experience in the brewing industry. 


The rest of the guys are just like you.... people who love beer.

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We Sacrifice Ourselves for Craft Beer Discussions

What to Expect

Each episode different beers will be sampled and reviewed throughout the episode.

There will be segments or bits to invoke conversation, humor, and witty banter highlighted by our featured debate segment MVI (Moron vs Idiot) a bit in which at least 2 of the boys will engage in a heated debate on a topic in which only a moron and an idiot would argue.

We may occasionally talk current events, pop culture, and sports but we will not have political conversations. This is meant to be entertaining and fun while bringing people together over a common love..... beer.

We will select read and respond to emails from you (our listeners), we may solicit input on some topics and read them on the next episode.  If you have a beer recommendation or would like to send us beer to sample and review, e-mail us.  If you have a great topic for MVI you can e-mail us and have it debated on the show.  If you have questions, feel free to ask and we will try to answer them.  Our e-mail address is  We would like your experience with us to be entertaining as well as interactive. You are as much a part of this as we are.

We will interact as much as possible on various apps and social media platforms.  Please keep in mind that we have jobs and families and our private lives will always come first.  Please understand that we may not have as much free time to interact with you as we would like but we will try to spend time interacting or even scheduling times to interact with you on social media.



You can expect to hear cursing.  None of us know any voodoo, we just have foul mouths.  This podcast is not for children's ears.

Some topics of conversation could be adult in nature, so please do not listen to us if you are easily offended or if you are in the presence of children.

Heads Up:


We have no scheduled release date as of yet.  This podcast is in its infancy stages, when we have a launch date we will announce it here and on social media platforms.

Take most of what we say with a grain of salt, we are just having fun.

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