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Meet  Your Hosts

Guys Talking Beer

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The BSOB Podcast Crew

The cast of friends includes host Brian Holler and co-hosts Greg "Bubba" Brunner, LJ Gillespie, Joe Gartside, and Steve Bischoff. Each episode the boys will take you on a journey filled with fun, laughter, and of course beer.  We are a group of friends who like beer and even more so, like to try new beers.  Steve is the only member of the crew to have any professional experience in the brewing industry. 


The rest of the guys are just like you.... people who love beer.


Brian Holler, BSOB Signature Host

Brian is the ideas guy and the driving force of the podcast. During the pandemic lockdowns he got the idea for the podcast while having beers with friends on video calls. There was fun, humor, ball breaking and everyone was interested in what new beer the others were drinking. He presented the idea of the podcast to some of the guys and got positive feedback. Bullshitting Over Beers was chosen for a name and the podcast is becoming a reality.
Brian's other interests include hunting, camping, NHL hockey (flyers fan), Formula 1 racing (Red Bull Team, and drivers Max Verstappen, Lando Norris, and George Russell).

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Greg "Bubba" Brunner

Bubba is the type of guy people naturally gravitate towards. He's an all around good guy who gets along with everyone. He is the type of guy who could go to a party and not know anyone and 3 hours later everyone knows and loves him. He is always the first person to offer a helping hand to anyone who needs it.
He is a big Philadelphia Eagles fan and season ticket holder. Bubba also follows the Phillies and the 76ers pretty closely. Also known as Bubba Smalls, he is a fan of old school rap.

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LJ Gillespie

LJ is the master storyteller of the group. If LJ is in a group of people who share an experience and you want to hear about it, you will want to hear his rendition of the event. He incorporates enough detail to paint a vivid picture and incorporates his sense of humor into his perspective of the story.
LJ is also a big Philadelphia Eagles fan. He enjoys camping and outdoor activities. He is a defenseman in a year round Dek hockey league.

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Joe Gartside

Joe is another good all around person. He is loved and respected by everyone he meets. That love and respect is earned by the way he treats people and interacts with them. Joe is always the levelheaded voice of reason and the calm in the storm. 
Joe is also Philadelphia Eagles fan. He enjoys camping and riding his Harley Davidson motorcycle. Favorite vacation spot is Hawaii.

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Steve Bischoff

Steve is our beer expert and former master brewer who won a gold and a silver medal at the Great American Brew Festival a few short years ago. Steve has great knowledge and understanding of his craft and this liquid we love so much. 
Steve doesnt waste time on little things. He is always learning something new or applying the new thing he has learned. In addition to making beer on a large scale, he also makes his own beer, He makes his own vape juice, grows his own herbs and spices for cooking, and makes his own gourmet pizzas. If Steve wants to do something, he learns it and does it. He may be the most interesting person I know.

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